Online Programs

with the ARC team

We are pleased to announce the beginning of our next series of online programs to begin the week of July 6.  These programs bring elements of our retreat process to you, in safety of your own home.  Using Zoom, they are designed to keep us connected to one another and to respond to the needs in these challenging times.  Your response has been that these meetings have provided effective support:

  • A caring, compassionate community,
  • A deeper self awareness,
  • A sense of peace and well-being.

If this is something that would enrich your life at this time, we would be very happy to have you join us

Here are the programs we will be offering:

  • YOGA with Miriam Patterson

Miriam will be offering  Yoga Nidra sessions. Yoga Nidra is the yoga of sleep- you will be guided into a deep relaxation to prepare you for sleep.  

Contact Miriam for more details,   

  • HEALING CIRCLES with Joy Davey  and Laurie Stibbards

Joy and/or Laurie will lead Healing Circles, providing a welcoming space to bring any feelings, thoughts and experiences that are part of life with cancer. Listening carefully to one another, we discover that grief, fear, anger are normal responses. We explore ways of increasing gratitude, joy and love in our daily lives. Life can take on new meaning. Contact Joy for more details,

  • EXPRESSIVE ARTS  with Fay Wilkinson

Fay will guide expressive arts experiences which are not about making works of art, rather an opportunity to respond creatively to things that matter. Simple art-making materials will be used for example: paper, coloured pencils/crayons/ markers,  old magazines, glue/tape & scissors. 

Contact Fay for more details,

 We hope you will make one or more of these meaningful and rewarding offerings part of your week.  They are offered without charge. And a donation is always gratefully received.

A full calendar of all of this is available by clicking here.

I was thinking of making a donation to ARC. How does my money get used?

We are grateful to everyone that donates their energy, time, and money to support the Abbey Retreat Centre. We make every effort to keep operating costs low and focus on allocating the funds we receive to support people on their cancer journey. We need your help and support to continue to offer our retreats to participants free of charge.  Click here to make  secure donation.