Georgiena enjoys rural living and has lived in the Haliburton Highlands for over 40 years. Being a mother, grandmother and retired educator has brought her much joy. She loves the outdoors and long walks to take in what nature so abundantly offers.

“Having had 2 cancers that were caught in the early stages, with minimal treatment required, I feel blessed. Cancer has touched many people in my family, and losing a cousin in childhood and father, who was only in his sixties, (after fighting cancer for 17 years) has had a deep impact on my life.”

Volunteering, and helping others has always been a part of her life.. She started assisting in the Abbey Retreat Centre kitchen at some of the early retreats and still loves volunteering there at every opportunity. She also feels honoured to be part of the Board and to learn more about how this organization has helped so many.

After 4 months of listening, creativity, small group conversations and A LOT OF COMMUNITY SUPPORT, the decision has been made. Within the next few months, Abbey Retreat Centre (ARC) will officially change our name to Brooksong Retreat and Cancer Support Centre.

Your donation is DOUBLED for the month December!

All donations up to a total $25,000 will be matched by a generous donor!