A safe, caring, and healing community for people living with cancer.

Welcome to Abbey Retreat Centre.

Abbey Retreat Centre creates healing spaces and community for people affected by cancer. 

Located in Haliburton, Ontario on a beautiful property surrounded by forests and ponds, Abbey Retreat Centre provides a variety of in-person and online retreats and programs that offer rest and renewal, companionship, and an introduction to evidence-informed practices that tend body, mind, and soul in the midst of a cancer diagnosis. Time in nature, gentle and restorative yoga, massage, expressive practices, music, healthy and delicious food, and facilitated and informal group discussions are all important and meaningful parts of our cancer support experiences.

We also invite a key support person/caregiver to attend the 4-day cancer support retreats with their loved one. We believe that healing is enhanced for everyone when caregivers are also well-cared for.

"Abbey Retreat Centre is a place where people come together to support you in your time of fear and confusion; a place where you can let go without being judged and share laughter or a tear with people who care."
- Retreat Participant

Your Donations Make a Difference


Thank you to everyone who donates time, energy and money to sustain the work of Abbey Retreat Centre. We rely on the support of individual donors to make our cancer support programming possible. 

We ensure that the people who participate in our programs know that there are those, unknown to them, who are offering support and care during a difficult time.

Programs & Retreats

The Abbey Retreat Centre offers retreats and programs for people who are affected by cancer. This includes people at any stage of a cancer experience and also their key support person.

Although there are no fees associated with participating in one of our retreats or online gatherings, a significant amount of funding is required to host Abbey Retreat Centre’s unique and transformative cancer support programs.

We are grateful to past participants and community members financially support the work that we do through donations, volunteering and gifts-in-kind.

In-Person Retreats

Online Programming

A Warm Hug From the Highlands

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