Haliburton Highlands Challenge

Where does the money go?

4-day Retreat for 10 participants – $25,000

4-day Retreat for an individual – $2500

3-day End of Life Retreat for 10 participants – $20,000

6-week online Re-Shaping Our Cancer Stories for 10 participants –$10,000

An online program welcome bundle – $60

HHC Important dates

Registration for 2024 HHC goes live June 17

Opening Event: Sunday, June 23 2pm – 7pm at Brooksong Retreat & Cancer Support Centre (1150 Garden Gate Drive, Haliburton, ON)

Everyone is welcome!

What is the Haliburton Highlands Challenge?

The Haliburton Highlands Challenge is a unique fundraising event running from July – September annually, that celebrates the important health benefits of moving our bodies in whatever ways we are able while supporting the vision and mission of Brooksong Retreat & Cancer Support Centre (formerly known as Abbey Retreat Centre).

Who is Brooksong Retreat & Cancer Support Centre?

Brooksong creates healing spaces and community for people living with cancer and for the people supporting them.

Located in the Haliburton Highlands on a beautiful property surrounded by forests and ponds, we provide a variety of in-person and online retreats and programs that offer rest and renewal, companionship, meaningful discussions, healthy and delicious food, and an introduction to evidence-informed practices that tend body, mind, and soul while living with cancer (for example: time in nature, restorative yoga, massage, expressive arts, music, and group conversation). Our retreats and programs serve those in the Haliburton area as well as people across Ontario.

You're invited to get involved.

You are invited to choose an activity and goal (eg. bike, hike, run, walk, swim, chair yoga, paddle, however you choose to move), gather a team together (or join an existing team or join as an individual), and invite family and friends to donate, knowing you will be helping Brooksong Retreat & Cancer Support Centre (formerly Abbey Retreat Centre) support people living with cancer.

In previous years, teams have chosen fun and unique goals like: 10 minutes of chair yoga daily, canoe a chain of 5 lakes, walk 150km over 2 months as a group, and many other unique ways of moving!

Spread the word!

We welcome you to share this challenge with your friends, family, and co-workers. You can help us by spreading the word about our work and our fundraiser to friends, family, and colleagues.

Our 2024 Sponsors

Your Donations Make a Difference.

We need your help to ensure that no one walks alone through a cancer experience. All donations and funds raised make it possible for us to provide our cancer support programs.

We ensure that the people who participate in our programs know that there are those, unknown to them, who are offering support and care during a difficult time. 

After 4 months of listening, creativity, small group conversations and A LOT OF COMMUNITY SUPPORT, the decision has been made. Within the next few months, Abbey Retreat Centre (ARC) will officially change our name to Brooksong Retreat and Cancer Support Centre.

Your donation is DOUBLED for the month December!

All donations up to a total $25,000 will be matched by a generous donor!