Cancer Support Programs

Abbey Retreat Centre offers a sanctuary experience based on a whole-person approach to healing and wellness. The purpose of our uniquely designed retreats and online programs is to transport people living with cancer (as well as their support person) out of their day-to-day lives to rest, create, connect with others living similar experiences, and explore life enhancing practices and tools for their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

We serve people who are newly diagnosed, choosing treatment or not, navigating life post cancer, living with advanced stage cancer, caregiving or facing end-of-life.  

Our retreats and online programs include evidence-informed practices that address many of the side effects of a cancer diagnosis and/or treatment. These practices include: time in nature, gentle and restorative yoga, massage, creative practices, delicious and nutritious meals, music and group conversation. 

Although there are no fees associated with participating in one of our retreats or online gatherings, it takes a generous and caring community to financially support our retreats and online programs. We are grateful to all of the donors, alumni and community members who contribute financially and as volunteers, ensuring that no one walks alone through a cancer experience.

In-Person Retreats

This retreat is 4 days and is hosted at our retreat centre in Haliburton, ON.

This retreat is 3 days and is hosted at our retreat centre in Haliburton, ON.

This pilot retreat is 3 days and is hosted at our retreat centre in Haliburton, ON.

Online Programs

This innovative 4-week program provides opportunities to work deeply with questions of identity and present reality.

This innovative, 7-week program uses simple stitching and other art-making invitations to explore the story you wish to tell about your cancer experience.

Connecting with others in a safe, accepting environment to explore your own story and healing. Monthly circles for both those with cancer and those who are caregivers.

A Warm Hug From the Highlands

This is a volunteer-led program that gifts flannel-backed quilts (free-of-charge) to people living with a cancer diagnosis who reside seasonally or permanently in the Haliburton Highlands.

Your donation is DOUBLED for the month December!

All donations up to a total $25,000 will be matched by a generous donor!