Cancer and wellness programming

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 Online programs

With the onset of COVID19 restrictions, we are shifted many of our cancer support resources to online programs, including Expressive Arts, Yoga, and Healing Circles (group conversation guided by a therapist). 

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The Abbey Retreat Centre offers a sanctuary experience based on a whole person approach to healing and wellness. The purpose of the retreat format is to transport people living with cancer (as well as their support person) out of their day to day lives to focus on life enhancing choices for their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health and well-being.

In designing our retreats, we have researched the most effective modalities in addressing the common side effects of cancer: depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, nausea and loss of appetite, loss of meaning, and isolation.

Our programs are well-informed, expertly delivered, and focus on a multi-disciplinary approach. Retreats are 4-day long experiences that include: discussion groups, gentle yoga and meditation, nutritional learning, creative expression, connection with nature, and rest time—all in a supportive, caring community atmosphere that takes a whole-person approach.

Abbey Retreat Centre fully endorses conventional medical treatment for cancer.  We offer complementary, integrative approaches providing opportunities for skill development in coping with stress, anxiety, depression or any of the other feelings associated with a cancer diagnosis or caring for someone who has a cancer diagnosis. The retreats are designed not only for the person with a cancer diagnosis, but also for their primary support person who has a difficult journey of their own to navigate that includes physical, financial, emotional, and mental complexities.

An Abbey Retreat Centre retreat experience is a time to re-centre, to reflect on life, and to learn practices that promote health and well-being.

Disclaimer: Abbey Retreat Centre is a non-medical retreat centre. No medical assessment or treatment is provided by Abbey Retreat Centre staff, faculty or volunteers during any of our retreats or programs.

  3-Day Arts-Based RETREATS 

Our 3-day Arts-Based retreat invites participants to use different creative processes as a means to explore the cancer journey and also includes individual and group discussions and time to relax and rejuvenate.



Abbey Retreat Centre offers day programs that highlight our focus on whole person care. This complementary programming is offered based on local interests such as horticulture, meditation, yoga, art, cooking, etc.  These programs may be offered in partnership with Abbey Gardens and/or other local businesses/groups. If you would like to partner with the Abbey Retreat Centre in offering wellness or other programming, please contact us.



Past Retreat Sessions

Discussion groups, yoga and meditation, nutritional learning, creative expression, connection with nature, and rest time.

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