Our Vision

Our Vision.

To be a safe, caring and healing community for people affected by cancer.

Our Mission.

To support people on their health and healing journeys, especially those living with cancer.  

Core Values

Whole-Person Care

Holistic well-being emerges from tending to the entire person. We advocate for the availability of a myriad of healing tools and firmly believe in the possibility of healing, even in the absence of a cure.


We believe that the most profound healing transpires within a community. We are committed to creating and nurturing an inclusive and diverse community, encompassing participants, volunteers, alumni, staff, facilitators, donors and partners.

Local Rootedness

We remain firmly rooted in the local community and actively seek to collaborate with local agencies whenever possible. Our services extend across geographical boundaries, which contributes to our mission locally and beyond.

Transparency, Integrity & Good Stewardship

We embody integrity, accountability, and transparency in all endeavours. We are devoted to the responsible stewardship of human, natural, and financial resources, and recognize the intrinsic value of our human resources.

Acceptance & Respect

Every individual is not only welcome, but also valued. We aim to cultivate relationships rooted in compassion, kindness, gentle curiosity, attentiveness, and gratitude.

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